T. Rodgers

T is also currently in need of and waiting for a type-O positive kidney transplant. If you have any information on a donor please email sidewalku@hotmail.com.

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Sidewalk University

SideWalk University is in the business of taking the positive message of hope back where it's needed, to the streets. The knowledge of how to implement change in the minds and the actions of gang members and in members of the community at large comes from the real life experiences of Mr. T. Rodgers. T. Rodgers built his Los Angeles gang one member at a time. Now he wants to undo the damage, helping one person at a time. His unique transformation from gangleader to community advocate is based upon years of experience in the heart of the gang lifestyle.

SideWalk University was first organized in 1975 as a community based consulting company which grew into a strategy and organizing agency. Now it provides services such as workshops and seminars for the community and teaches the employees and members of organizations such as the Federal, State, County, and City Government agencies, churches, and school districts.

Visit www.trodgers.com

Visit sidewalkuniversity.biz

"The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs"

"The 50 Most Asked Questions About Gangs" identifies the questions and provides realistic, straight forward answers to some of the most vital questions that deal with the who, what, where, when, how, and the why of gang activity and it's causes.

This book brings an understanding of the causes of gang actions in order that parents, community leaders, teachers, and all interested parties might be better able to identify, communicate, and relate to the younger generations.

T. Rodgers book is available for purchase here, please click below.



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